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Teras Eco Foundation was set up in year 2015, inspired by Mother Theresa quote of “In this life we cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love”. With that, Teras Eco feels that there is no greater reward than working from your heart, and making a difference in the world.

While achieving robust growth, Teras Eco values and emphasizes CSR management and environment management, and plays a proactive role in protecting the environment. We believe that business, ethical, environment and social principles are vital for long-term success.

Since the incorporation of Teras Eco Foundation, we have organized various charity activities ie. Orphan house visitation, charity dinner, charity festival celebration, etc in order to play our part in giving back to the society. Such activities or events involves our employees, business partners, valued buyers and members of the public to not only raise funds for various local beneficiaries but more importantly to bring about awareness in order to impact on the less fortunate in our society.

Overall, the process of giving back to the society gave us a much greater understanding of the less fortunate and never before has the fragility of life been so apparent to us. This process help bond and unite our human race together and as a result, the unity and team spirit of Teras Eco has never been so strong thanks to these meaningful endeavours. Sometimes, doing things for others is more rewarding to the giver.

Let’s make a difference, to make this world a better place